Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We Are Star Crossed

At face value alone can anyone look at Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and tell me these are the best elected officials America has to offer?! Take a good close look: do their mannerisms, their rhetoric, the timbre of their voices, their apparent intellect, their overall presentation inspire confidence, suggest strong national leadership qualities? Forget their politics for a moment: Examine their accomplishments when butordinary citizens like the rest of us struggling to make our way in the private sector. What singled them out for their lofty ascension to elected office. I don't get it, it is as if a curtain was drawn and there they are, a cast of characters in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta fumbling and bumbling along in an endless plot of pratfalls and misadventure! Less than towering pillars of virtuous convictions and harbingers of great thoughts this lot. Save for a notable talent for self-aggrandizing and securing personal gain through inside trading and power brokering, career politicians through and through, as opposed to statesmen of proven expertise and impeccable credentials. Again politics aside, see them and their supporting friends and acolytes for what they are, who they are, and the tenor of their demonstrated social agenda and personal morals. Step back and take a good hard look. Now add their political record of intent, purpose and accomplishment to your appraisal. Ask yourself: do you see a marked separation of personal gain and professed biases to that of national interest in their legislation and policy making-, or a suspicious commonality? Has office holding disproportionately established their good fortune or inordinately amplified it? What do you see? What I see is more personal gain in not only petitioning for the job but holding the job, and again that word inordinate, in describing government perks in keeping the job. And in that I contend their constituency in kind anticipate personal gain over that of national interest in their voting preference. Voila, the Socialism stars have aligned! 

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