Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shame On Us ( a response)

In response to a recent comment  
"Why are you so unwilling to cut this President of ours some slack"?

How is it both President Carter and President Bush (the father) were refused 2nd terms supposedly because of a slumping economy but President Obama presiding over the worst economy ever was reelected (to say nothing of his other mismanagements)! Simply in my estimation, we the too kind and less aggressive opposition failed to adjust to the electorate's shifting demographics and gird our loins accordingly. Perhaps worst, a failure on our part to recognize the lack of patriotism,that our citizenry once coveted so dearly, was so easily compromised by promises of entitlements and bogus gratuities.The electorate in their naiveness and greed were scammed by a cool Community Organizer, purveying a cleverly repackaged, but never successful Socialist form of government. In opposition we shouted from the roof tops,  "our problem is not one of taxing to little, but spending to much" in support of that proffered Socialist agenda! Numbers supporting that contention, un-refuted; history verifying the folly to think otherwise; the european model lending further credence to pending disaster, all falling on deaf ears. What we needed was a nation leader, what we got was a political operative! The false promises of Socialism once again won out. Somehow it keeps escaping us: with out the engine Capitalism, fueled by opportunity and unencumbered by oppressive government regulation, manned by the ambitious and hard working-, if not nurtured, this Republic of ours will not be able to prosper and take care of it's truly needy, let alone legions of free loaders! Have we Americans become so short sighted, so unmotivated to be the best that we can be, to let all we have become as a nation slip away from us in the dictates of this would be despot! Somehow I don't think enough of us see him as such and cut him to much slack! Just look at what he has done in but four short years and realize we have just afforded him four more years of this reign of America's  systematic devolution!

Not once in my considerable life time did I ever appreciate my government as  oppressive-, I do now. Not once in my considerable life time did I suspect my government was out to do me harm-, I do now. Not once in my considerable life time was I ashamed of my governments motives or actions-, I am now. Not once in my considerable life time did I feel my future, the future of my children, the future of my fellow Americans could be stifled by my government-, I do now. Not once in my considerable life time could I ever imagine open rebellion against my government-, I do now! What a very sad and debilitating state of mind.

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