Monday, November 5, 2012

The Day Before Reckoning

Don't be faint of heart my fellow true Americans. Our Democrat brethren would like us to believe all is lost, that their incessant, highly coordinated propagandist have advised unequivocally the electorate has spoken in their polling-, it's Barack Obama by a wide margin here in this the 11th hour! Don't be poll boggled! It simply ain't so!! Check their polling methodology, it is skewed in near every case to favor their political preference, or by omission of pertinent data. Have faith in the patriots among us, wherever, whatever their political bias might be. They know what's at stake here: it is near everything that America is all about. They won't let it slip away by slight-of-hand. When push comes to shove they'll do the right thing. Just make sure you do the right thing an get out there an vote!

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