Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get a Grip!

Can you believe it, exist poll results already attempting to persuade, the yet to vote, "don't waste your time the die is cast", it's forward with Obama! It is disheartening, at least to me that shenanigans of this sort are sure to persistent through out this presidential election process. I guess it's true, politics are indeed a dirty business-, and we know some politicians play dirtier than others. A further distraction, when all is said and done between the popular vote and the Electro College vote how often does one candidate or the another get an overwhelming mandate to do what he says he wants to do and how he wants to do it? The checks and balances apportioned between our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government, laced with their own conflicting political biases will cancel out any of our fears of demagoguery of impropriety on the part of our chosen president who ever he might be. Right! So why worry, the system will quiet our fears if the wrong guy gets in-, ya think! Please don't think that for a moment! Not this candidate for a second term. He has demonstrated a lawlessness, a reckless abandon for fiscal responsibility, a lack of prospective in foreign affairs, an imbalance in his management of people, events and circumstances, an unamerican aditude beyond any of his predecessors! He and his kind can not be allowed to prevail!

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