Sunday, November 18, 2012

Painful Reality

 ....repeat after me: it's not the message we Conservatives are sending or who, or how we are sending it that is our political failing, it's the demographic structure of the audience receiving it!! This is not a  simplistic case of best selling "sizzle" for political gain, but a failed attempt through comprehensive planning, deed and action, to pull this country of ours back from the brink of disaster! We can't in good conscience attempt to out gift Santa Clause (his very mention politically incorrect) with lies, misdirection and silver tongued rhetoric-, propagandizing! The takers and would be takers of our society have got to come to realize the dire consequences of what their unfettered taking and their social biases has wrought and react responsibly! What chance do you think we have of that happening! Sure a gifted liar, an unscrupulous despot along with his or her acolytes can herd the unsuspecting, the naive (code word for stupid) but history tells us sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost. Then what! And that is where we are right now, just this side of Greece! So what does history tell us: dread the thought, civil war! And just how does a country of our size and diversity wage a civil war in this 21st century? Certainly not the good ole fashion way: clear lines of demarkation and armed conflict. What then? We go the way of all great societies, great cultures we waste away in economic and civil despair, in lethargy and despondence, morph into an inconsequential nation, the un-united states of America. Succession from the union becomes thinkable when state rights to nullification of federal legislation becomes a bone of contention! Is this what we wish for us? I say again, what then? Where are you pundits on that issue? Stop shooting the messenger! 

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