Saturday, November 3, 2012

Benghazi Ugly!

Can this Banghazi atrocity unfold any more ugly? Can it be true that two highly regarded and decorated commanding officers in theater, were replaced because they were disinclined to stand down?Is this Muslim act of pure vicious terrorism, of Pearl Harbor, of 9/11 premeditation, to go unpunished? Will a mushroom cloud have to appear over American heads to get President Obama's attention? Where is the outrage of our citizenry for this impotence, for our government's blatant coverup of this atrocity, it's feeble and embarrassing attempts at misdirection? We have emboldened our Muslim enemies to the point they are willing to flirt with acts of potentially participating World War III with impunity. All while our liberal press covers this President and his administration's collective behinds with silence and acrimony. Come out, come out America where ever you are !!

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