Monday, November 12, 2012

Et tu Brute!

For those of you who missed the eclipse of the British Empire, I bring you it's sequel the demise of the United States of America! And you Speaker John Boehner-, Et tu Brute! You suspect there is any productive compromise in this president elect, you Wanker you! This is a president like no president before him! He is America's anti-Christ, recognize him for what he is! You and yours are the last bulkhead of resistance to his end-game: the total democratizing of our nation, the advent of Socialism! This is a take no prisoners death struggle; to think otherwise is an admission of defeat! From here on in we Conservatives have been relegated to Gorilla Warfare and must gird our loins accordingly! Get with the drill Mr Speaker we can not afford to have a weak-kneed leader anywhere in our ranks! We don't have an inch to give in compromise, we are being overwhelmed! Please take a page out of Thomas Paine's book on patriotism in your leadership!

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