Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away

We all have feet of clay to varying degrees when tempted by our assorted seductions-, some feet of marshmallow! But the reaction of the liberal moralist in awareness of that podiatry is mind boggling! A double standard comes into play immediately when one's politics, race, gender, religion, or cause du jour is in consideration! Even in blatant malfeasance, the liberal wagons are circled, proposed retribution minimized, the griddle cooled in spin, scrutiny lessened, when one of their own or an instigated event is subject to ridicule! However, their wrath unabashed, their morale indignation palpable when one is of another persuasion then their own. Get use to it: this is the way of a culture, a society in decline. Point in question, General Petraeus-, criticized before lionized, before yet criticized again, by the political opportunist of the moment! And Benghazi, what of Benghazi?

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