Thursday, November 29, 2012

Duvall Patrick for President in '16?

Is anyone outside Massachusetts paying attention to the Democratic Party trial ballon in it's latest pandering to the burgeoning Latino vote? College admission entitlements for illegal immigrants! Not legal or green card holding immigrants mind you, but illegal immigrants! Can the unconditional amnesty ballon be far behind. And further,are we witnessing the grooming of Obama 11 four years hence in the person of Governor Duvall Patrick? Hell the State supposedly spawned Obamacare why not go for the whole Latino affirmative action enchilada as well! And I'm sure you noticed Governor Patrick is a man of color and does bear a physical resemblance, as well as admirable political traits to that of our President, does he not? Ahaaa Massachusetts you're such a Democrat Party bellwether. And to think they now have young Mr Kennedy in the wings! I guess our only hope he is more John than Teddy!

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