Saturday, November 10, 2012

Expecting Instant Gratification?

So what did you think: The price of gasoline was going to drop like a stone as would unemployment; wages would soar, the stock market would go through the roof; our economy suddenly awakened; peace and tranquility would break out the world over-, all when the coronation was fait accompli! You simps you! Wakeup to what you've done! Any one dare to contemplate impeachment. What to do, what to do! I've even thought the unthinkable..., certainly their must be something in the Obama thought process, in his vision of an America to be that I can support? Nothing, absolutely nothing!! Anything seemingly good is cloaked in socialism subterfuge and Saul Alinsky spin! Stick a fork in us we're done! And don't tell me, at the very least I must respect the office of the president.This office holder deserves no respect! He has demonstrated careless and reckless abandon of all things sacred to we American Patriots (apparently not enough of us to matter!). Worst, he says his work is not yet done..., God help us!

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